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Wedding Planner

Guest attending wedding event

Your big day to walk down the aisle and say your vows to the one you love is arriving and now you need a wedding planner. From beginning to end, we customize the experience with our wedding clients so that your day is just has you imagined only better. Las Vegas Event Planner offer you a dedicated team who will work tirelessly to organize all aspects of your big day. We offer a highly organized and detail-oriented team that knows the value of your time and helps your find the best prices for vendors and suppliers throughout the region. We offer an exceptional reputation and we are highly regarded by countless clients.

Keep the Details On Track

Wedding can notoriously go over budget, between bridal clothing and food and drinks, your budget can inflate right before your eyes. The details are often sticky for what exactly happen to break your strick budget, but if you were using a professional wedding planner, we keep the details on track and we fight to keep your vision for your wedding at the top of the priority list with everyone who is working with your team. We are focused on your and your needs and what it will take to move your day towards a great success story. If you’re seeking a Las Vegas wedding planner who will work tirelessly on your behalf, we are the premier option.

Stress-free Experience

On a day so special, you want to remember the beauty and love, not the hair raising stress and the nail-biting drama. There are a lot of moving parts to organize a wedding. It’s not just about saying your vows and jumping over a broom or stomping on a glass. Many find it riddled with stress without the assistance of a professional wedding planner. We provide a the assistance you need whether you intend to have a spectacular three day ceremony and events or a more modest traditional wedding plan. The point is, we help you reflect your vision with vendors and suppliers as well as your venue. From floral design to food and more, there are hundreds of details that can go wrong without the help of an expert wedding planner.

Help for the Entire Day

When you hire a caterer, they have a specific role to ensure that your food is prepared and cooked and served. Your floral designer also has a specific role as well as your cake designer and they may not be working together. In fact, they may not even know each other and this is a recipe for disaster without a professional wedding planner service that will provide help with your entire day. We work with a range of vendors and suppliers and coordinate every aspect of the day so that it is a smooth operation that reduces the stress you might already feel on your big day.

Budget Experience

Dealing with contracts, negotiating with vendors and suppliers, and deciding on a hundred other details of your wedding can be exhausting and end of up breaking your budget if you are not careful. A detail oriented and experienced wedding planner has the skill and knowledge to forecast possible roadblocks and helps you avoid them. We know what’s important to you and we convey that to everyone who has a role in your wedding day so that it operates like a well-functioning and smooth machine on your big day. We understand that a minor change or decision last minute can inflate a budget and can act as guardian to ensure your limits are met and respected.